CURATORIAL TEAM: Laure Drogoul Retrospective

Dates: January 30-March 15, 2009
Participated in the planning and execution of Laure Drogoul’s 25-year retrospective exhibition titled Follies, Predicaments, and Other Conundrums: The Works of Laure Drogoul, at the Maryland Institute College of Art. As part of the exhibition design team, I helped define the visual identity for the exhibition graphics and web and printed materials. As part of MICA’s Exhibition Development Seminar, I collaborated with other Exhibition Development teams to curate, produce, promote, and install the exhibition, which included the construction of a new site-specfic, multi-media folly titled She Pod of Rotten Enchantment.

This exhibition invited visitors to immerse themselves in a paradoxical, absurdist world of darkness, wonder, and beauty. Drogoul’s sculptural follies, roving performances, and interactive works draw upon B-movie imagery, science fiction, psychoanalytic theory, and pop culture—particularly roadside Americana. Along the way she explores and exploits the symbiotic relationships and tensions between humanity and nature, creating works that have a uniquely accessible Baltimore aesthetic.